9TH CIGR Section VI International
Technical Symposium

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Creating Value from Bioresources
through Novel Technologies

New Zealand
16 - 20
November 2015

Programme Overview

Monday 16th November


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 Welcome Reception 




TUESDAY 17th November


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Welcome & Opening Keynote:


Dr Dongxiao Sun-Waterhouse, Symposium Convenor

Official Symposium opening speech
Hon Amy Adams

Welcome from Massey University Vice-Chancellor

Mr Steve Maharey


Feeding 9 billion in 2050 - the role of postharvest technology in harnessing bioresources
Prof Dr Linus Opara, South Africa


Morning Tea





Emerging technologies for food processing and biosystems engineering
Prof Da-Wen Sun, Ireland


Energy generation and biopharmaceutical manufacturing from aquatic and waste resources
Prof Matt Croughan, USA


Lunch & poster viewing


Challenges for food scienceand technology for the development of functional foods
Distinguished Prof Harjinder Singh, New Zealand







Advanced characterisation techniques:


Novel Luminescent Phosphors for White LED Applications from Bioresource Feedstocks?
Dr Geoffrey Waterhouse, New Zealand 

Recent advances in rapid determination of fatty acid content in foods using optical techniques
Prof Michael Ngadi, Canada 

Classification of the seed of sorghum species based on hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics
Dr Ping Lin, China


Estimating durability of EVA plastic materials for farmland utilization with hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics
Dr Yongming Chen, China    

Novel characterisation methods:


Analysis of laser-induced plasma characterization on tobacco sample
Dr Keqiang Yu, China


Non-destructive analysis of rice amylose content by combined use of a near-infrared spectrometer and a visible light segregator 
Mr Atsushi Jo, Japan     


Characterisation of iridescent biomimetic calcium phosphate thin films
Mr Rayomand Shahlori, New Zealand


Novel Optical Sensors based on Avian Feather Architectures
Mr Andrew Chan, New Zealand  

Biotechnology and bioprocess:


Bioconjugation of food proteins using transglutaminase
Dr Aleksandr Shleikin, Russia


Effects of solid-state fermentation and proteolytic hydrolysis on defatted soybean meal
Dr Dongxiao Sun-Waterhouse, China


Optimized ultrasound-assisted water extraction from Leptospermum scoparium leaves containing acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity

Mr Mohd Hafiz Abd Majid, New Zealand


Afternoon Tea


Sensory research & wine science:


Assessing the value of taste and appearance of fruit: examples of the integration of consumer science methods into fruit biology research
Dr Roger Harker, New Zealand


Tunability of smoke generation for the production of smoked food
Mr Georg Ripberger, New Zealand


Sauvignon Blanc Juice Index: a unique and integrated  grape and wine metabolomics database
Dr Silas Villas-Boas, New Zealand    

Investigating the linoleic acid effect on saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolism
Mrs Francesca Casu, New Zealand     

Meat and protein alternative:


Mechanism of high pressure processing tenderisation of pre-rigor longissimus dorsi from prime and bull stock
A/Prof Jim Morton, New Zealand   


Bio-processing protein typically considered inedible into nutritional substrates

Mr Shane Leath, New Zealand


An approach to optimize protein isolation from alternative sources like meal worms
Ms Sara Bußler, Germany 

Study of water dynamic distribution and activity of egg white antioxidant peptide, Phe-Phe-Gly-Phe-Asn, by LF-NMR
Dr Songyi Lin, China

Postharvest management and technologies:


Plasma-assisted pre-processing of dried fruits and vegetables
Ms Sara Bußler, Germany 


Low-cost cooling technology for short term fresh produce storage in sub-Saharan Africa
Prof Tilahun Workneh, South Africa    


 Effect of rice kernel maturity on physicochemical properties
Dr Edenio Olivares Diaz, Japan


Solid state fermentation: A technological alternative for enriching bioavailability of underutilized crops based composite flour
Dr Anupama Singh, India


 Poster viewing


WEDNESDAY 18th November


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Creating value from bioresources and improving agricultural and horticultural productivity

Dr Max Kennedy, New Zealand


Potential of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics for enhancement of human health

Prof Lynnette Ferguson, New Zealand


Morning Tea


Fish and Marine Products:


Extraction and analysis of high value lipophilic compounds from New Zealand salmon roe
Dr Jagan Billakanti, New Zealand  


Crystallin proteins from fish eye lenses for the creation of novel biomaterials
Dr Laura Domigan, New Zealand


Synthesis of hydroxyapatite from New Zealand sea urchin shells
Dr Alaa El-Din Bekhit, New Zealand


Bio-scaffolds produced from irradiated squid pen and crab chitosan with hydroxyapatite/ β-tricalcium phosphate for bone tissue engineering
Mr Amin Shavandi, New Zealand

Dairy Science and AgriResearch:


Microbiological evaluation of probiotic goat cheese
Dr Amauri Rosenthal, Brazil


Strain hardening and anisotropy during tensile testing of sheared model Mozzarella cheeses
Mr Prateek Sharma, New Zealand


Cryopreservation of food: Potential of anti-freeze peptides

Dr Viji Sarojini, New Zealand

Structure characteristics of milk proteins complexes with altered casein to whey protein ratios at different conditions
Dr Hong-Hua Xu, China

Bioprocess and Food Properties:


Fresh functional food development - a holistic approach
Dr Svetlana Rodgers, Australia


Comparative study on chemical composition and bioactivity of oils extracted from seeds of sunburn and healthy pomegranate fruit
Dr Olaniyi Fawole, South Africa


Stability of freeze-dried lactic cheese starters and ripening cultures use for the production of Camembert cheese under different storage temperatures 
Dr Tony Mutukumira, New Zealand


Effects of purple sweet potato powder substitution and enzyme treatments on the qualities of specialty bread
Mr Dennis Marvin Santiago, Japan


Lunch & poster viewing


Advanced Food Processing Technologies:


Fermentation of fruit/vegetable by-products with a non-Saccharomyces yeast for functional food product production
Miss Ninna Granucci, New Zealand


The Effect of EDTA on reconstituted milks treated with transglutaminase
A/Prof Yacine Hemar, New Zealand


Effect of nanobubble number density on the germination process of spinach seed
Shu Liu, Japan

Nanotechnology & Green Chemistry:


Novel Au/TiO2 photocatalysts for hydrogen production in alcohol-water mixtures based on hydrogen titanate nanotube precursors
Miss Aubrey Dosado, New Zealand


Ni/TiO2; a promising low cost photocatalytic system for solar H2 production from ethanol-water mixtures
Miss Wan-Ting Chen, New Zealand


H2 production from biofuels: Alcohol photo-reforming over bimetallic Pd-Au/TiO2 photocatalysts
Mr Andrew Chan, New Zealand


M/TiO2 (M = Au, Pd, Pt or Au-Pd) photocatalysts for solar energy capture and H2 production from alcohol-water mixtures
Ms Dana Goodacre, New Zealand


1450-1530 Afternoon Tea

Food Safety and Microbiology:


Detection of adulterants in aqueous systems using photonic crystal-based SERS substrates

Ms Pei Huan Hsieh, New Zealand


Chlordioxide-supported decontamination and its effect on the microbial load along the postharvest chain of endive salad

Dr Oliver Schlüter, Germany  

Conversion of metmyoglobin and inhibition of spoilage bacteria in meat batters by lactic acid bacteria and Staphylococcus xylosus
Ms Dongmei Zheng, China

Food Functionality Evaluation and Health Claims:


Health and the art of honey processing
Dr Ralf Schlothauer, New Zealand


Bio 100 Propolis with CycloPower™ - a new dietary supplement

Dr Owen Catchpole, New Zealand


Process development for microcapsule with antioxidants from capulin fruits (Prunus serotina)
Dr Teodoro Espinosa-Solares, Mexico

Postharvest Management and Technologies:


Influence of intermittent breaks on dynamic controlled atmospheres efficacy in controlling superficial scald of apples  (cv. Granny Smith)
Mr Asanda Mditshwa, South Africa


Carrot browning conditions during distribution and selling process after harvesting
Mr Tomoki Nishikawa, Japan     


Application of enzymatic liquefaction, freezing and thawing in apples (Malus domestica) juice extraction
Dr Jozef Grochowicz, Poland

1800-2130 Symposium Dinner - Soljans Estate Winery
(coach departs Massey University at 1715hrs with return transport at 2130hrs)


THURSDAY 19th November


Registration opens







Keynote Presentations: Enhance Industry Profitability through using Advanced Technologies


High pressure processing: advances and trends
Prof Amauri Rosenthal, Brazil


Mechatronics enhances profitability in the meat industry: future challenges
Mr Geoff Bates, New Zealand


Morning Tea


Industry Panel:


Food, beverage and nutraceutical trends from a lifestyle consumer perspective

Mr Angus Brown, New Zealand


Global food industry trends and insights - the outlook (AIFST)

Sarah Hyland, Australia


Industrialisation of traditional foods
Prof Richard Archer

Panel Discussion 

Fruit, Vegetables and Cereals:


Characterisation of enzyme purified from Tamarillo

Mr Zhao Li, New Zealand

Production and physical properties of apple pomace pellets

Dr Adam Ekielski, Poland


Estimation of chlorophyll concentration and moisture content of spinach leaves during the storage periods using hyperspectral imaging

Ms Yanru Zhao, China

Evaluation of performance characteristics of local and high yield varieties milled rice in a cleaning and grading machine
Dr Abiodun Okunola, Nigeria    


Lunch & poster viewing


Biotechnology and Bioengineering:


Upcycling of biomass: High technology carbons from humble beginnings

Mr Joseph Vella, New Zealand


Novel carbon materials for biomedical devices and environmental monitoring applications

Dr Geoffrey Waterhouse, New Zealand    


Chitosan biopolymer from squid pen for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications

Mr Amin Shavandi, New Zealand

Novel R&D Approaches:


Uning multilocus sequence typing (MLST) method to trace the potential contamination sources of final poultry products by staphyloccus aureus

Ms Cheng Qian, New Zealand


 Effect of rigor temperature, ageing and display time on the meat lipid oxidative stability of hot boned beef Semimembranosus muscle

Mr Tanyaradzwa E Mungure, New Zealand

Preliminary application of virus-induced gene silencing methods in Beta vulgaris

Dr Jie Cui, China



Closing Ceremony:


Closing speeches from Convenors of the 9th and the next CIGR VI International Technical Symposium

Dr Dongxiao Sun-Waterhouse & Dr Amauri Rosenthal


Afternoon Tea 


FRIDAY 20th November

 There will be no formal sessions on Friday.  Delegates are free to network or visit Auckland City


Please click here to download the Proceedings of the 9th CIGR Section VI International Technical Symposium 2015.

Instructions for oral presenters

The Symposium venue is the Sir Neil Waters Lecture Block at Massey University, Albany Campus.

The venue is equipped with a laptop and data projector and you will have the choice of a lectern, or handheld microphone. If you require any other equipment, please advise us on cigrVI@tcc.co.nz.

The meeting standard for all Oral Presentations is MS PowerPoint on PC (16:9 ratio). Please bring the slides on a USB drive (please bring two USB drives with your talk) in PC format to the speaker preparation area in good time prior to your presentation.

If you have handouts, please bring these with you.

Guidelines for poster presenters

Please click here to view the poster presentation guidelines.


Please note this programme is subject to change.

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