9TH CIGR Section VI International
Technical Symposium

CIGR Arrow

Creating Value from Bioresources
through Novel Technologies

New Zealand
16 - 20
November 2015

Call for Abstracts - Abstract submissions have now closed.

Please click here to download the Proceedings of the 9th CIGR Section VI International Technical Symposium 2015.

Evaluation of Abstracts:

Authors must register and pay the Symposium fees, by October 30, in order to be included in the program.

If you have any queries please contact us at cigrVI@tcc.co.nz.


Details of poster size and presentation will be emailed to all poster presenters.

Abstracts will be available online prior to the Symposium

Aligning to the theme of this event, we are committed to keeping things green –  and we aim to minimize print materials. “Soft” copies of accepted abstracts will be available online prior to the symposium.

Industry Abstracts

With the global market becoming increasingly competitive, it's important to make sure your services and products can meet the global demands in order to secure your market share. Further, growing and ageing global populations present food supply & security challenges. Increasing delivery efficiency becomes critical for maximising the use of food resources. The 9th CIGR VI International Technical Symposium is positioned to help increase your international trade. Greater exports could be initiated and built on face-to-face conversations and interactive seminars. We are setting up industry sessions in this event, with the aims to create a meeting place for the food and agricultural industries and suppliers.

The central theme of these industry sessions is 'International opportunities for showcasing your freshest ideas, technologies and products'.

Presentations are encouraged to include but not limited to the following topics:

• Asian consumer preferences and consumer credence values
• Bioresource processing and utilisation (including waste stream value addition)
• Formula foods
• Trends in industry
• Industrial experience
• Show case industries of the South Pacific
• Double food exports
• Step changes in technology
• Food safety and suitability for export
• Market share versus regulatory changes

Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) is your first step. EOI should be submitted via the online form.

The EOI must include a brief abstract (50 ≤ words ≤ 300) along with the name, position, affiliation, email address of the presenter.


Academic Abstracts

Abstract Submissions may be made in relation to overall CIGR Section VI topics but preference will be given for the following themes for both oral & poster presentations:


  • Advanced food processing technologies
  • Bioactive delivery systems
  • Biotechnology and bioengineering
  • Dairy science and novel products
  • Fish and marine products
  • Flavour science and technologies for optimisation
  • Food functionality evaluation and health claims
  • Food information integration and modeling
  • Food microbiology
  • Food safety and traceability
  • Fruit, vegetables and cereals
  • Meat science and novel processes
  • Non-destructive measurements and biosensors
  • Packaging and storage technology
  • Postharvest management and technologies
  • Sensory science
  • Water management and engineering
  • Wine research and product innovation




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